Paying For Fortnite If You Want

Fortnite is a free game and a lot of people are enjoying it. There is a report that Fornite made over hundreds of millions last 2018. It is one of the most popular and profitable games today and despite not a lot of people liking the game, it is undeniable that it is making a lot of money. You may be wondering why the game is profitable when it is free, to begin with. Millions of people can just download it for free and yet it is making money. That’s because Fortnite has a shop where you can pay for it.

What you get when you pay for Fortnite

1. The first thing that you can get is a Fortnite skin. A skin is something that changes your character’s appearance. It could be a simple hair change but a lot of skins change the clothes and entire appearance.
2. You can also buy items that change the look of your weapons and glider. You can have a pick that looks like a unicorn or a glider that looks like a parasol as you can mix and match.
3. You can buy emotes which are like actions that allow your character to perform a dance or certain body movements.
4. You can then buy the Battle Pass which offers a series of quests and rewards. You only need to buy the Battle Pass once to unlock future Battle Pass releases assuming you did the previous quests. You can find more details on Fortnite boosting on the site Fortnite boosters.

Just a few things to remember

1. These things that you pay for in Fortnite won’t offer an advantage to the opponents. You can just pay for them and enjoy them as the game won’t harm you even if you don’t pay for the game.
2. There are also Fortnite boosters that can help you attain that glorious victory at the end.

Pay for Fortnite if you want to but you don’t need to in order to full enjoy the game.

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