A restaurant also known as eatery is a business which prepares and serves foods and drinks traded for money. Meals are serves on the premises but there are some restaurants that also cater for food deliveries and take out. Restaurants would actually vary in appearance and services like a variety of cuisines, ranging from inexpensive fast food restaurants, cafeterias, mid-prices family restaurants and high priced luxury restaurants.

There are places like in the western part, some mid- to high-range restaurants serve alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and light beer, so called restaurant and bar in one establishment. They also serve snack food on the premises and they may also serve food from a restaurant menu, so they can be restaurant and bar and master of wine on the same one establishment.
Master of wine (MW) as defined by the Institute of Masters of Wine is someone who has thorough knowledge of all aspects of wine and has undergone a series of examination to become a master of wine and accordingly there are 300 individuals with such a title around the world and 31 in the United States.

Restaurant and Bar and Master of Wine, all in one aspect

As setting up the restaurant and bar business there are certain plans that the owners could benefit from. Although there are minimal complications in setting up a restaurant and bar and master of wine to be in one establishment is that there are proper licenses that needs to be undertaken but it is the essential step.
There are laws and regulations for the restaurant and bar and for the master of wine there are series of examination that can be taken 3-4 hours on viticulture, winemaking, wine business and relevant subject matter on wine.
Aside from the food license another is the liquor license as another requirement for the opening of restaurant and bar but in a sense this business is profitable.

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